Friday, 30 December 2016

Engage employees to give your business a boost

Are you dissatisfied with your business results? If your business establishment performed well till a few months back, but the profit margins have suddenly dropped, it's time for a corrective action. You need to know where you’ve gone wrong. If you have spoken to the managers and the employees individually, but could not figure out what went wrong, it’s time to hit the panic button. There are ways to save your business from losing out on the deals that you would otherwise win.

Engage the HR in an employee engagement survey. Most likely, the exact reason behind such a downfall is not reaching you. Speaking to the managers or the employees would not help because they fear losing their jobs if they told the truth. Moreover, being the owner of the company, you may seem unapproachable to them.

Once you have decided on your next move, ensure that the HR does the survey discreetly. The employees should be given free space to discuss their issues without any fear. If necessary, let them answer a set of questionnaire anonymously.

The benefits of an employee engagement survey

Measuring engagement levels: This will help you understand how engaged or disengaged your employees are. While there are no standard measurements to determine that, certain things like recognition, acknowledgement, job responsibilities, development opportunities or work atmosphere can be judged and amendments can be made accordingly. These are considered to be some of the most important criteria to understand how you measure in your employee’s eyes as an employer.

Employees get a sense of ownership: The most important thing that motivates an employee to come to work everyday is the sense of being a stakeholder in the growth and development of the company. In return, if they observe that the higher-ups are acknowledging their contribution by listening to their woes, they tend to become even more dedicated. The engagement survey will give them that sense of ownership.

Comparing results: The employee engagement survey scores play an important benchmark for the organization. Now that you know what your employees feel about company policies, about the HR and the remunerations, you can compare your scores with that of other similar companies. That will give you a clear understanding of which areas you should work on.

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